I’m not talking about the pie in the sky laptop in the beach b.s.. lol. But in preparation to launch online the biggest waste of time is spending time and money on building things and then not launching!

(It took me years to figure that part out for myself and lots of wasted $$$). ..

Plus I wish I had a dollar for every person I met or spoke to who has built something but not launched it, you know who you are…

So many women in the online space sit scared and waiting for the perfect moment to launch. The perfect climate to launch.

The perfect weather stars aligned and must do the next course so they are ‘fully prepared’.. Well, what I’d tell myself back in 2012 is that by the time you get everything ready Kate, the climate online has changed dramatically, social media changes all the time.

So don’t wait. LAUNCH IT NOW If you are ready to take action (but have no clue how to do the entire online course thing..), click the link below to see more details and choose if this is for you.

(This is for anyone who has a service-based business with clients).

Launch your own online course, simply, without tech, without ads and without an online following…
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