Here are the business structure & marketing strategies you need to have a fun and profitable coaching business!

Talking all things low to high priced offers – you need to have varied priced services & options when onboarding clients. (And options for your current clients to upgrade to as well). Especially if you don’t have multiple coaches working for you & you are therefore the only one delivering your services.

Lack of time will become an issue if it isn’t already?

Then I talk about how to know with certainty that your marketing IS working. (Hint – it means people will message you and KNOW they need to work with you before you have spoken to them).

I go over how to create marketing that works, rather than doing what you might be currently doing, which could be just ‘teaching’ in your content. Or even worse, just posting pictures of exercises or food? > See more about why that hasn’t been working for a long time over here in this video

– I know that doesn’t work well to attract clients, I used to do it 10 years ago… Yes I have been around for a while.

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