Coach, here’s how NOT to get clients with your online marketing = Talking about ‘functional exercise’,🏌🏻‍♀️or 🏋️‍♂️’strength & conditioning’ or any method you use, in your marketing (on socials or ur website), DOES NOT get you clients, (you know this, ’cause if it worked, they’d be messaging you right?).
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I know this, as I used to do it too!
And sorry, but it doesn’t matter how much of an expert you are, let me explain…
Personally I was rather frustrated when it didn’t work. Even after years.

So… here’s what to do and say instead, to get the message across to your intelligent, soon to be ‘clients’.
So they WANT to work with you (and they message you).

(Full disclosure; I have been a personal trainer since 1998 and helped other coaches to grow their technical knowledge and increase their incomes since 2006.
I’m a ‘Chek Practitioner’, if you even care or know what that is, but clients don’t care that I can do a 2 hr posture and movement assessment, nor do they care about the benefits of moving ‘all their joints at once’. Something I used to preach about.)

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– Kate