Income dropping because of winter? Are your numbers down due to weather?

Winters can suck for this business! So lets talk about making more money in winter.. Do you find your numbers (either 1:1 or groups) dropping off over the colder seasons? It's a pretty common complaint from Personal trainers, so here are my top tips to STOP this from becoming a problem for you. Immediately! Sure [...]

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Networking – as ‘unsexy’ as it is.. Here’s Why and How to do it

Let's just say if you aren't networking with other professionals, then you'd better be really good at other facets of marketing for your business (like writing/blogging/seminars/marketing) to reach people. Why? Simply so they (your potential new clients) learn about you and understand that you can help them. There are several ways to grow your business [...]

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Guaranteed Checklist for Success

See if you can tick the boxes and answer all the questions on this list below. They are keys which I've noticed (after almost 20 years in the business) people fall down on... So if you can create or 'implement' them... well I guess this is your list for success. You're welcome ;) These are ‘all [...]

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