It’s come to my attention, after lots of conversations with PT’s about why they aren’t selling enough Personal Training, that many, MANY Personal Trainers are being taught old information, (I understand I’ve been around for a while and I too, was taught this way, 20 years AGO), which is that you MUST get the person in front of you for you to price present.

While I am all for ‘bonding’ face to face… I know that makes it feel easier, it just purely isn’t practical with the amount of Internet leads these days. Then there’s the dead leads you spend time trying to get in front of you from a strange Facebook ad, you have to ‘kind of’ work. Not only is that a HUGE ‘time waster’ but also these people are either ‘no show’ or disappear right after you have met with them and you simply never hear from them again, right?

You are not alone… it’s happening everywhere to LOTS of trainers. Too many if you ask me. All because you are possibly using out dated techniques, where you HAVE to get them (leads) in front of you. I know you are just doing as you have been told. But I promise you, when you get onto a system that actually works, you won’t burn through your leads or your time, you will be able to tell VERY soon… just like the two examples I’ve given you below.

“Oh they aren’t serious if they aren’t coming into your premises” you get told? Well that’s B.S. Occasionally sure thats true, however these days people don’t have that much time and the REAL ISSUE is that there is 100 other PT studios and/or gyms within a 1-2 km radius of you. Much more than there was even 5 years ago. Sure these places won’t all last a long time (as we know the average life is about 6 months for a personal trainer). However if you can bond with people on the phone – DO IT!

Just because you have been around for longer than that doesn’t mean you need to use old fashioned ways of selling people into your packages. Ah this makes me so frustrated when I hear this. And it’s crippling businesses left right and center!

I mean, have you not updated your methods in actually ‘training’ the client? Or, your knowledge of nutrition since the last decade? Of course you have! Then why not update your knowledge in this area?

I had to, out of desperation of not being able to fit people into my diary face to face, a good problem to have.  Just in the last week I’ve had two trainers I’ve coached make their first 2 sales over the phone, when they had never done it before. One for $3k, the other $1500k. In fact their entire sales process stank previously. (They wouldn’t mind me telling you that either – that’s a large part of the reason they enrolled me.)

>> Here’s a blog post with videos all about Sales and Marketing for you, if you’d like to see how I do things and recommend that you give this style a go too.

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