Winters can suck for this business!

So lets talk about making more money in winter..

Do you find your numbers (either 1:1 or groups) dropping off over the colder seasons?

It’s a pretty common complaint from Personal trainers, so here are my top tips to STOP this from becoming a problem for you. Immediately!

Sure there’s the common things we can tell clients, like;

‘we have a roof here so you won’t get wet’

‘there’s air con in the gym’ – if you are super lucky and you work in a big box gm

‘set your clothes out the night before, so when the alarm goes off you actually get up!’ (JUST GET THE F*** UP!! – you are silently thinking to yourself).

Or you could ‘tell your friend you will meet them there…’,

‘book a trainer…’ blah blah, the list of ‘how to motivate your clients in winter’ goes on and to which they ignore for the most part.

To be honest I never noticed business to be so badly effected in winter by numbers until I moved to Melbourne (I come from Sydney originally. Running a bootcamp on Maroubra beach was epic!).. So I know the pain, yet I fixed it with what I am sharing with you below.

This doesn’t even account for the extra 20-30% drop off of people who actually get sick, then don’t even start me on the ‘my kids are sick, I can’t train’, which I know is the truth, but somehow YOU – the coach, always seem to manage to get to the sessions don’t you!?!

So below are some ways to bullet proof your business, so you ‘yourself’ don’t get the winter blues and instead you bullet proof your income during this period.

The first thing;

1. Start looking at your income from a yearly perspective.

For example, would you really care if one month you made $20,000, then the next month you made $10k, then back up to $15k? My guess is no, you wouldn’t care. And nor should you if your total income for the year allows you to live the life you actually WANT (which by the way if you haven’t decided what that is yet, then CHOOSE IT NOW, that’s step 2).

So count your income and track it regularly (daily or minimum weekly, naughty naughty, if you aren’t doing this already start it NOW). Eg, you sell a 12 week program that ads XXX to your yearly income. Save the weekly direct debits and expenses for a different meeting. I want you to focus on feeling good first. Plus the bigger picture is super important.

2. Choose what you want

(Plus what you will do with the money) – Yes I will get to the practical steps in a moment, but if you literally don’t do the ‘mindset work’ required… you will not RECEIVE the income – sounds a little woo woo right?

And to be honest it’s just too bad if you don’t believe it but mindset is where it’s at.

Don’t believe me?

Neither did my client Jo – but watch this video here << I just made about her going from her maximum of $8k months to a $31k/month in under 3 months.

While she did execute on ‘practical steps’, (and we changed her marketing/messaging), she had also worked with various coaches before, she already had high end packages (that’s my next point).

Her audience wasn’t resonating with her message.

No one asked to work with her, even though she knew they saw her social media posts..

She’d spent 10’s of thousands of dollars becoming more and more qualified.. but even the ‘marketing’ skills these people gave her were not enough, or somehow were not the right fit (if you ask me they were outdated and disconnected).

She was also selling from a place of desperation (as many people are), this is something she’d tell you herself, as she said it to me the other day on our weekly call. Here is the video I made about ‘what she did’ << here

Ok lets get to the practical steps (which will work if you execute on the mindset stuff – so if ‘it’ isn’t working please do the internal work and simply look in the mirror, daily, harsh I know);

3. Start a challenge – an 8 or a 12 week ideally (and pause people over the school holidays if need be. They can continue after the school holidays – DO NOT use the school holidays as an excuse not to start one). Even if you already have one running, if you have places empty start another one now! Watch my video showing you how to build your own 8-12 week course (plus you get my 12 week online course (Fatloss and Health Course) as a bonus >> HERE)

4. Contact all the old clients.
The ones you ‘loved’ and invite them back for this special or some other special. Make the message personal. NEVER blanket text or copy and paste facebook message people this kind of stuff, people don’t like to be numbers. (Think of how you like to be treated right?), and coaching is PERSONAL (training) for a reason…

5. There are limited spaces available right? Unless you take 40 people in each group class? Even then, the limit is 40… so LET PEOPLE KNOW THIS.

Now I have to say – scarcity, ie a limited number of places, is a marketing ‘tactic’ and unfortunately some people DO lie about it, but you must use it truthfully. 

What I mean is, for example, if you are the ‘main coach’ and you have a VIP program of some kind where people can work with you (I’ll elaborate on what VIP is in a moment). So in this VIP program (or hell, even in your 1:1 coaching or groups), be it online or face to face, how many places can you really have? there’s only a limited number of spaces available right, 

your diary is only so big…

your week only allows for so many clients in it…

there’s only one YOU (the awesome coach)…

So tell people how many places you have left! or make a start date – people need a reason to start with you.

6. Start a VIP version, in particular, an online version (meaning you coach these people more in habits, nutrition advice, lifestyle advice and accountability and send them workouts to do. If you have ever just had a ‘sit down and chat’ session with a client, then you KNOW how to do this, it just seems overwhelming (the details). I promise it can be done with less ‘tech’ than you are worried about. (That’s a longer conversation for another time.)

But think about the positives for a moment – my point is these programs give you;

Less stress, because of a…

Higher income

More time to do whatever you like (spend it with your family or travel perhaps?)

Flexibility in work location (you won’t be tied down to hour for dollar, counting to ten for people)

Choice of clients – your old awesome clients, who moved away, can work with you again! win:win!

Now don’t say I didn’t tell you..

There’s literally gold in these above tips, feel free to forward this email to a trainer friend who needs to make some cash.

Now I get to tell you how you can work with me;

If you have wondered what it takes to increase your income without doing 20 more hours/week, if the tech overwhelms you but you KNOW you can capitalise on your genius with some version of another online program… or you really need some help to take your income to the next level..

If you are an experienced coach (ideally more than 2 yrs experience), then now is the time to book a call as I am having a price rise end June.

Book the call here << (It doesn’t guarantee anything or mean I will force you into working with me, but you will walk away with a plan for what you need to do to grow your business, regardless of if we work together or not.)

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Now let’s go build that legacy!

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