..Plus I want to ad as of today (December 2016) – This trainer has gone on to create 4 more of these said ‘retreats’ for 2017… What could something like that do for your bottom line?

There are only a few simple changes which are needed for this to be able to happen in your business.

You get to know that all the packages you help clients with can come from ‘within you’ and that this is critical. That they need not be copies of your competitors packages. In fact, they HAD BETTER NOT BE, if you want to be able to LOVE and love delivering the package.

If you are ‘copying and pasting’ your packages from what other trainers are doing, it means this;

  • You don’t currently have a specific enough target market.
  • It will feel like you are pushing s*%# up hill while you are building and promoting and trying to sell it.
  • You aren’t targeting the right people for YOU it’s harder in every way (there’s plenty of ways to figure out who your niche is – see one of my Facebook videos – It’s a 14 minute video, start it at the 1 min 45 sec mark >> over here in this FBook group << )

All because it’s NOT TRULY YOURS! There’s nothing more satisfying than unleashing the right kind of package that is truly yours. Not to mention it makes them a hell of a lot easier to sell and makes you A LOT more income in the long run.

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