Liz Ellis from Empowered Leader Interviewed me the other day here’s what she said:
This is the first in a series of interviews that I’m doing with friends, contacts, mentors and coaches that will cover the varying elements of self-leadership.
As a specialist self-leadership coach – I’m. a believer that leadership starts and ends with the individual. And there is a tonne of research that backs me up.
When you lead yourself with confidence, appreciation and respect (to name a few attributes) your inspire others to do the same. Whether or not they are your superiors.
This interview with Kate Martin we dive into self-awareness. This is the first place every leader needs to start. Kate is one of the most self-aware and radically honest people I know.
I hope you enjoy watching this as mcuh as we enjoyed having our conversation. Side note – there are a couple of freezes, early on, bear with it and try and get to the end, it’s worth it!
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