Getting a ‘JOB’ as a Personal Trainer

Let’s talk about finding a ‘job’ as a personal trainer.

About the mindsets, about the concept of working for yourself VS. for someone else and the other opportunities out there other than starting your own business.

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After all, not everyone’s in the position to start their own business. Not everyone has the mindset to be able to go from zero to self-employed straight away either.
To be honest, it’s probably not something that I’d recommend you do. To start your own business, you need two things:
– The confidence in your own ability to get people results
– The know-how on how to market your business effectively (you won’t know how to honestly do the first one, with ‘some’ practice… Courses DO NOT prepare you for how to really coach a client, nothing does).
You see, no matter how many courses you do about business sales and marketing – if you don’t feel like you’re being truthful when you’re talking to someone about the results your services can provide, it’s going to show. Even if you’ve read that someone can lose a dress size or two in 12 weeks, but it’s not from experience, you’ll feel like you’re lying. (This will come across.)

You might say that strength training is great for fat loss, instead of too much cardio, but if it’s not from your own experience with yourself or a client, it feels like a lie. That’s why I recommend getting some experience first.

Now this post is about the options for ‘getting a job’ rather than marketing and sales, so I will stick with the topic. If you are already established as a trainer there are many more videos and articles on the blog. (Links below or read on if you need a job)

Here’s one on Sales:

Another on Marketing:

So what options are there for ‘Getting a Job’?


A lot of people finish their course, and start looking for a job as a personal trainer. But the opportunities for paid employment as a personal trainer, even part-time, are incredibly rare. More personal trainers are being forced into self-employment, and the mindset and mentality that comes with it. But not everyone wants to be their own boss. Not everyone wants that responsibility.

If you are looking for a position as a personal trainer, the most important thing to do is take action. Contact people at the gyms that you want to work at. Get your name and resume out there.
For my first job in the industry, I did just that.
I contacted a gym, found out the manager’s name, and wrote her a direct personal letter. There was no job advertised, but she was blown away by my initiative and created a job for me as a result.

So I got part time shifts there to start with and then full time employment for a few years, and got great experience in writing programs and training clients in a ‘safe’ environment. (Now I want to mention I was 20 years old and while not living at home, I had very low income and low expenses. Obviously that needs to be taken into consideration).

If getting a job in the industry is what you want, go for it, but you need the attitude of never giving up. You’ll find a job in the industry, but be aware that it will take you longer than what you’re expecting!


Another fantastic thing that is available if you’ve finished your course and you’re wanting experience is a mentorship. This is like an apprenticeship with someone who has successfully built their business, so they can show you, teach you and coach you.

You’ll learn how to train people, and how to do the backend of a business. After a year or two with them, you should be able to create your own 6 figure business, or 50K+ if it’s part time.

This is a step that personal trainers take when they have a successful business, and can’t take on any more sessions. We will take on someone as an apprentice of sorts. Keep in mind, it is an apprentice wage – it’s not something you can pay your mortgage with. But you get to learn the trade. (In the ideal situation.)

If you take this up, make sure you choose someone who knows what they’re doing. You’ll want someone you resonate with, so watch what they do, follow their work, and have a few sessions with them. Minimum.

The best way to get to know a trainer is to hire them, get to know them and their methods, and watch how they engage with other clients. You want to know how busy they are, they need to be busting at the seams, otherwise they will expect you to get your own clients.. all the agreements are different. In my opinion they should be able to give you clients, especially in the first six months.

(This is rare). It’s an even better experience for you if they are good at the marketing side of the business but most aren’t. However these are things to look for if/when you go down this track.

It’s important that they’re using what they’re teaching you, or have used those methods. Marketing has changed so much over the last few years with social media, so their methods have to be relevant to today.

Self Employment

If you do want to start out by yourself, here’s a trick to get going. Train a select number of friends for a 4-6 week period for free. Make sure they’re committed to the program, and work with them to achieve their goals. This gives you the confidence that you can get results with people.

When you’ve done that, you can give real-life examples to people. You can say ‘This person worked with me, she lost X dress sizes, she feels great, and I can see she’s getting stronger’.
After you’ve done the initial complementary program for your close circle, run a smaller priced option. Then work up to proper paid personal training once you feel confident that you know what you’re doing.

No matter which option you take, personal training is a great career. You’re in the job of making people feel good every day. So get out there, and keep doing what you’re doing!

Do you need to play this career more seriously? Does doubling your income sound helpful?
I’m serious. So if you are too, what are you waiting for?
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