The fact is that selling will change your life.
If you reframe it to yourself that it’s offering your services to help people, what’s the issue? Honestly?
It gets to be done daily.
Until you hit multiple 6 figures in your business.
End of story.
No excuses.
No other reasons.
Get over your money issues.
Or don’t be in business.
We can all do this thing ethically.
Don’t you know what you stand for or against by now?
So get on with the show.
Now we’ve got that straight, what can you create to help more people and more of the people YOU ALREADY HAVE!!??
<< so many untapped resources right there.
Send me an email at if you’ve got q’s about how to make another 5-10k/month in your coaching business.
Yes in several minutes a day.
22 yrs in, and an adhd-type of ideas brain has taught me a few things.
Let me give you my ideas to implement!! < tell me what your genius is.
Plus – want my 30 day course on how to stand out against the Gazillion others online?
No followers needed.
No membership site or tech needed either.
Just your genius as an experienced coach!
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