So you made some resolutions for 2018 did you?

(And will this year be any different, you ask yourself…?)

When you think about it, a resolution is simply a choice, a time where you have resolved for there to be no other way.
So then EVERY-SINGLE-DAY can be Jan 1st.

When you get really clear on what you want.

Although often the HOW is oh-so-OMG confusing….

When ideas go around and around inside your head and you feel confused about where to start, let alone HOW to be able to find the time to implement ALL OF THE THINGS, yet being able to focus on ONLY the things that give you a return?


Oh to spend another day in your head… thinking about it is torture, so we plod along, well it feels like plodding, although you move at a rapid rate compared to others, a rate only 5% of the population seems to understand.

Then why are you getting, what feels like, nowhere?

And are you going to be in the same place as next year and put up with that?

If that answer is HELL NO and you KNOW something has to change, you need to be INSPIRED again, you want to feel LIT UP, from the INSIDE about HOW YOU HELP PEOPLE!

Hell, this job is freaking amazing, you certainly didn’t ‘get into it’ to feel like it’s GROUNDHOG DAY now did you?

Yet with everyone cancelling, sometimes the feeling of ‘gggrrrrr these bloody clients’ seems to creep in, but you pretty quickly BLOCK THAT OUT as you love your clients, so what then?

Is this empty, bored, unsatisfied feeling about?

If you REALLY WANT THOSE INCOME GOALS IS THE WAY FORWARD SIMPLY TO DO MORE????? How the heck are you going to carve out time in your diary and your family life to DO MORE???

Surely there’s another way to serve your clients, doing what you love EVERY-SINGLE-DAY???

Well, simple, Do. Not. Settle. For LESS THAN THAT!

You know you’re not going to settle, it almost hurts under your skin.

You know you are put here for something more, to contribute to others on a scale that’s beyond-comprehensible…. (for most people).
So what do you do?

Stop comparing. As a business coach, I promise that IS NOT THE WAY.
How YOU serve people IS the GOLD.

What do I mean? I mean, how you coach people is the gold and if you get distracted from that the clients will smell your doubt from a mile away.

You see it’s not as simple as raising your prices, although that helps.

What I see over and over is people trying to raise their prices and then the self doubt creeps in. So it’s over before it began…. The increasing of your revenue, as you cannot possibly be worth the 6 figures, the $100,000 that you’d like to command.

Oh so that’s not possible is it?

Below is a Q and A conversation
I recently had with one of my past students, who’s now WAY PAST the 6 figure mark…
(and before you think you cannot do it, well she’s a HUGE introvert too.) She DIDN’T KNOW HOW it was going to get done. She took a leap of faith, in me as a personal training business coach yes, BUT –
SHE BACKED HERSELF! << That my friends IS THE SECRET SAUCE! So when you ‘resolve’ to create and HIT NEW GOALS in 2018. KNOW that it will only be possible if you treat EVERY DAY Like it is Jan 1st. Message a business coach on here if you’re willing to back yourself and smash your self doubt once and for all! The January intake of my Female Fit Pro Influence Formula Course is open. Below is what happens WHEN YO GET CLEAR >> AND CHOOSE TO MAKE JAN 1st – A DAILY OCCURRENCE


Take it away Fiona Maree Lamb (Past Student of Kate’s) >>>

Q – How is your current situation different to how you ‘used to’ conduct your business…

(eg. how did you conduct your business prior to working with Kate, How did you get clients, How did you feel about your future in the industry?)

A – I used to work 5 days a week and have barely any clients and stressing all the time about whether to put my business in the can and get a 9-5 job. I had zero structure or packages when seeing a client. I had no rebooking strategy, just thought if they liked what I did they would rebook. I didn’t do much work on the business because I didn’t know how. Even though I didn’t have many clients I didn’t have a great work/ life balance. Now when I work i’m working smart: 3 days is amazing and my work/life balance is perfect for my current situation. I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – all days are packed out.

Q – What were the main changes to your financial position after coaching with Kate…

A – haha. Let’s say from giving up on my business to now being fully booked and charging $175 per hour on my days. Plus 2-3 days my sub contractors work, plus products. Let’s just say I’m very happy financially and love going on 1-2 overseas trips a year.

Q – Where are you projected to ‘get to’ in terms of annual income in the next 12 months (at this current rate or just what you see possible)?

A – Let’s just say my goal when I first met Kate and my goal since forever was to be earning over 100k at 30 years old. I’m 30 and I’m laughing at that number and super proud of myself. Next goal… let’s go for 250k

Q – What were the main ‘take-aways’ that you got from the course…

A – I got to speak with Kate 1 on 1 with to give me my weekly dose of kick-up-the-bum.

The main take-away’s were that there’s definitely no separation between ME and my business.
It’s not only a journey for the business but you learn about yourself and change who you are for the better.
There were extreme moments of tears and joy.

So being a life changing experience is definitely something I’ve taken away.

On more of a business note it’s being confident that I’d know how to start business from scratch again and get it up and running quite quickly. I’m so much more confident and now have fun at connecting and meeting new people and “boasting” about my amazing services. It’s exciting when there’s clarity. With clarity comes so does passion.

I remember dreading when I was about to chat to Kate and thinking “oh no, I haven’t done what she asked me to do, I’ll be in trouble.”

BUT always after our chats I felt like Wonder Woman and could totally take over the world.

We’re powerful people when we put our minds to it… or when Kate makes us do shit out of our comfort zone 

Q – Do you believe the course was value for money?

A – Definitely. I was broke when I met Kate and still managed to do it. You have to spend money to make money. Spend it with Kate is money well spent. One of the best business investments I’ve ever made.

Q – How did you find the material / actions you were instructed to ‘action’?

A – Some of it was “omg I can’t believe I didn’t think of that” …other parts took me right out of my comfort zone, which I needed. The instructions are easy to follow. She lays it out and repeats it a few times to make sure you’ve got it, and she gives you more than you have time to do so you’re never left with nothing to do.

Q – How did you find the level of support during and after the course?

A – I contacted Kate a few times out of the blue when I was panicking and she replied and made everything ok. She’s there. She loves her customers. There’s so much value added.

Q – Where do you see yourself going with your business (or anything to do with servicing clients) in the future?

A – I still love face to face work, but I’m looking at getting into teaching anatomy down the fascia pathway and opening up my own big premises after my wedding mid 2019.
Then I need to think about having the business running itself for when babies happen a few years down the track!

Q – What are you doing with your business now? Employees, your qualifications etc, How do you currently service your clients and structure your week?

A – I’m practicing out of a clinic in Sydney fixing people with chronic pain using corrective exercises and myofascial therapy. I’m working 3-4 days a week face to face and 1 day working on the business: networking, marketing, chatting to fun people, creating… etc

I have 2 sub-contractors: all massage therapists and looking to getting a PT in ASAP. People are going absolutely nuts for the fascia work at the moment – I can be booked out 6 weeks in advance. Which I’m still thinking “HOLY MOLY” when comparing it to what I used to be like. Qualifications are Grad diploma in exercise physiology, CHEK Practitioner, Structural Integrator and Diploma remedial massage therapy.

Q – How did you find Kate, as a person and coach, to deal with?

A – Kate and I are opposites. I’m a shy introvert and love marketing with the written word. Kate goes down the public speaking, seminars and workshop pathways OMG KILL ME! haha. We butted heads a few times, sometimes just in my own head and not out loud to her.

But I haven’t been mentored from her for about a year now and we keep in touch regularly. I still ask her questions every now and then. We had a long chat together about a potential big business move.

If I visit Melbourne or she came to Sydney I’d definitely want to catch up. She’s amazing. Everyone should have at least one chat with her and you’ll be hooked.

Q – Would you recommend the course to others…

A – Already have to plenty of people.


Email me here now and tell your personal business training coach what’s happening in your business if you’d like to change things around yesterday!

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