Cancellations drive you crazy sometimes

Cancellations drive you crazy sometimes.
Do you have standards for running your business? Who you train, what you put up with? How you handle cancellations…?

Well you’d like to think you have standards so high that you don’t put up with cancellations. But most of the time that’s just not true.

Ideally you know who you work with and therefore who you don’t..
But unfortunately the reality is that most of the time you’re tolerating behaviour from clients that makes you feel.. a little ‘uneasy’ inside.

You’d ideally like to have standards that your clients already KNOW about so they don’t bother cancelling, they simply just show up, all the time and get the results you desire for them because they are committed.


Then the multiple cancellations wouldn’t effect you so personally, like they sometimes do.

They shouldn’t effect you as bad as they do, you tell yourself, you’ve been doing this for years! How can such as simple thing as a few cancellations, at times, make you feel so taken for granted, frustrated and annoyed!?

You MORE than ‘know what you’re doing’, you’ve been coaching people for years, so why does it frustrate you so much when people cancel!?!

Does it mean you need to give up on this business thing? Has your tolerance for this game finally met it’s match..?

You think to yourself as you’re not sure, at times, how much more you can take!

Ideally – You know what you will tolerate and what you will not, from your clients behaviour.

Or at least you know you need to implement a system that shows them who’s boss. In the nicest possible way. In order, of course and always, to get the best possible outcome for your clients.

That might sound harsh but without this in place on a bad day you feel like you are a puppet on a string. A string that THEY pull, in relation to your time and effort.

It’s simply not good enough that they give their time and money to work with you, they get to step up. Show up and get the results they are paying you for.

THAT = job satisfaction.
So they will. Your ideal client that is.

You didn’t leave your last career to put up with clients acting like children after all…

You see, from your perspective; it’s not good enough that a client simply gives you their money, they must actually SHOW UP.

That way they get results and you feel like you have done your job. They are happy and it’s a win:win all ’round.
And I want you to only work with clients that are SELECTED by you.

You see there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all your hard work and dedication over the past few years.
Years of sweat and early mornings and of saying ‘no’ to social events…

Yet you plod along without the income (so far), to show for the empire you ARE and have actually been building.
You see, what you may not be able to see yet, is that you are literally sitting on a gold mine..

What am I talking about? What I see with so many trainers I speak to, who have years of experience, professionalism and have touched hundreds if not thousands of lives. Is that they are literally SITTING ON A GOLD MINE!

I’m talking about trainers like you, with experience who can literally triple their income, without doing more hours and alll without needing any fancy online ‘tech’ or ‘funnels’ but being able to create the life (the income AND the family time) you SOOOO desire.

Uh uh.

All you need, truth be told, is YOU.
The DESIRE and a few systems.

And also to understand that it’s normal to not know ‘how’.
You just simply need to put your flag in the sand and claim that it WILL HAPPEN!

You see, as I mentioned, you have already impacted 100’s if not 1000’s of lives… (and it’s irrelevant the size of your email list).

So that my friend, means the foundation is laid.
Success is as good as done.

So let’s get to capitalising on it, without waiting a minute longer. It’s time to talk to me, your personal training business coach.
Or you could always just be in the same place as right now, again this time next year…

But as a personal training business coach, I know that doesn’t sit well with you and nor should it.
You want to be the best version of YOU that you can be…

For your business, your family, your spouse and for YOU.
So what are you waiting for?

Give it to yourself.

If you are an experienced personal trainer and you want to triple your income WITHOUT tripling the hours you do –
(Because NO-ONE’s got time for that!)

Email me here now and tell me what’s happening in your business if you’d like to change things around yesterday!

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