You just KNOW, beyond a doubt that somehow you should be being paid better

You just KNOW, beyond a doubt that somehow you should be being paid better.

It’s not that you don’t LOVE what you do. You could do it forever and a day…(unless it feels like one of those groundhog days).
You know though, that you are one of the lucky ones, having a career that you actually love, unlike most people..

It’s just that at times you feel unappreciated by clients who cancel, overwhelmed at your to do list and disorganised when it comes to being able to grow.

Almost like there’s an invisible ceiling on your income..

Especially when you start comparing yourself to the multiple, inexperienced ‘bootcamp down the road’ trainers that just keep on popping up everywhere.

The clients you have, you love them, yet some of them are only actually paying in the realms of $10-30 and you just wish there was another way..

Another way for it to be a WIN:WIN.

An ethical business where you don’t have to charge everyone high prices, yet you can if you wish…
and also have HUGE demand for your services.

That would give you freedom…
Freedom to actually be PRESENT with your kids.

Freedom to go on a holiday, without your income disappearing.

Freedom to actually be booked out and not have to worry about getting new leads all the time.


Well you have a CHOICE my friend.

Choose to change that now… or at least investigate options with a business coach.
Stay where you are, so next year it looks and feels the same.

If you’d like to join my free group of Female fit Pro’s serving excellence and WINNING. As a personal training business coach, I’d love to have you in there.

Who knows, you may even learn a thing or ten about how to Triple your Personal Training Business 

Email me here now As a business coach, tell me what’s happening in your business if you’d like to change things around yesterday!

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