Why Giving out Pamphlets & Letterbox Dropping Doesn’t Work For PT’s and Coaches – And What To Do Instead

Have you tried giving your business card out everywhere? Have you dropped pamphlets at the local shops and businesses, or handed out your information at a networking event? Letterbox drops and similar methods won’t work for most people 99% of the time. But people can still spend thousands of dollars on the cards, the pamphlets, perfecting the branding and wording. You can spend hours walking around dropping them off to every business and house in the area. That’s a lot of effort, right? for little results in most cases, if ANY result!

So why doesn’t this method work?
Because it’s not about creating a relationship.

Let me give you an example with this story;

I’ve gone to a little health food store near my partner’s house a few times. It’s owned by a husband and wife team, and they prepare fresh foods as well. On the second visit, I noticed they have a big, beautiful dining room table in the middle of the fruit and vegetables.

So I turned around to them and asked, ‘Have you ever set up lessons on that table? It would be perfect for someone to teach. You could even bring in some local businesses in for some cooking lessons and lunch.’

The guy said, ‘Yes, we have one person doing some things, and we’ve thought about doing it again.’ Then he said, ‘You know what? You are the only health coach that has been in and given us some free advice and helped us out – not just thrown your business card at us.. Thank you!’

It starts and ends with a relationship.

Whenever you go into a health shop, you’ll see PT business cards, massage, yoga, food delivery… but how often do you actually pick one of those up UNLESS the person behind the counter recommends them to you?

If you bypass building a relationship and go straight in and say ‘I want my cards in here’, it’s the same as pushing a product on them. It’s human nature to be put off by someone you don’t know asking for a favour.

Everything we do in this business is about relationships. How we help people is about a relationship. How we get to know them before they work with us is a relationship. So if you bypass that by letterbox dropping and leaving pamphlets everywhere, you won’t see the results.

The same goes for social media and Facebook groups. If you’re just pushing your services in a group when no one knows you, you’re probably wasting your time. The admins don’t know you, the members don’t know you, and you’re bypassing that relationship. You need to build a relationship before you will see results.

If you want more information about to build relationships to increase your business, contact me. I’ll point you in the right direct that’s specific for your industry. Or tell you exactly what you need o be doing to grow your business.

(Here is the audio if you would prefer to listen rather than read)

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