I just saw a Facebook post by a girl, who’s been through everyone else’s program. I’m serious – you think of a “fitness business” guru…she’s been through their stuff.

But when it comes to results? Nothing.

This girl has invested God-knows-how-much in courses, workshops, programs, and masterminds…with nothing to show for it.

Now she’s closing the doors of her place and going to have to find a day job. She’s given up on her dream. I don’t blame her, sometimes it gets too much. Especially when you feel like you have tried everything.

Believe it or not, I hear this kind of story all the time. You probably see it yourself? (Doors  closing on new fitness studios.)

Here’s the hard truth: sometimes people just don’t do the frickin’ work, period. Obviously, if you want results, you need to hustle and follow the strategy you’re given.

HOWEVER – I talk to plenty of people who DID do the work, who DID follow the strategy, and didn’t achieve anything… no matter which fitness, marketing or business guru they hired.

Let me give you a little “insider info” into why that happens.

I know who’s out there.

I know their programs.

I know their values.

And the sad reality is that probably 90% of them simply don’t have a strategy that’s going to get results for you.

It works for THEM, sure…

But it works because
a. They’re a marketing genius or
b. They started the franchise or
c. Because they have an Amazon bestseller. Or an email list with 10,000 people on it. OR
d. They’ve spent ten years building a massive audience online.

But the thing is, their coaching clients usually DON’T have those things…and you need those things for their strategy to work.

Remember this: it’s not whether a coach can create wins for themselves. It’s about whether they can get results for YOU.

And sadly, 9 out of 10 just can’t.

What about the 10% that’s left? The ones who really do have a good strategy that you could potentially follow?


Here’s the truth about them: The vast majority of fitness business coaches are NOT willing to do the work it takes to get real results for their clients: (most have never walked the walk, nor have the time to give a rats xxx)

  • Are they going to give you world-class training that walks you through a proven strategy, tailored to you? Nah.

  • Are they going to look inside you and your business to find your strengths, so that you get create income fast and put the best parts on repeat? I doubt it.

  • Will they tell you exactly how to do each part, step by step, personalised for you? With 20 years worth of practical business resources for you to keep!? No way.

  • Will they make the repayment plans so flexible that they are actually risking their time and energy just as if they are GOING IN BUSINESS WITH YOU? All because they are so sure of their methods and your ability to get results when working with them? Unlikely!


Do they care enough to support you through fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, and moments of panic…with experience?

Forget about it.

They can’t help you create the business of your dreams. Heck, they have rarely done anything like what they are asking you to!

The sad truth is that there are maybe 3-4 fitness business coaches on the planet who are worth considering…

And the results I get in my Female Fit Pro Influence Formula 90 Day course beats the heck out of all of them.

Look – the honest truth is that no one can REALLY guarantee results, because coaching is a two-way street. As I said above, you have to do the work.

But what I CAN guarantee is that my personalised strategies, and my support, is some of the BEST in the world.

(And because I won’t take you on if I can’t help you, you will never be ‘just a number’.)

This is why my clients love their business and now their lives so much. This is why I get such quick, lasting results for my coaches.

In short, I not only have the best strategies on the planet, but I CARE more than anyone else.

Book a call and let me show you what is possible for you.

We’ll talk for about 45 minutes. I want to hear about every struggle you’ve had. Every win. Every success. And every failure. All of it.

I want to hear about your dream…before all the struggle, the boredom, the late night texts and cancelling clients who haven’t paid, all started to make you so tired and annoyed.

The BIG dream. The one where you are running the perfect business, spending time with your loved ones, making the perfect income, enjoying perfect freedom, and making a life-changing impact on your clients (which goes without saying)..

I’m telling you right now, no matter how many disappointments you’ve had…

No matter how many other methods have let you down…

No matter how many times you’ve failed..

That dream of your fitness business working is NOT dead until you give up.

My team and I want to help you bring it back to life, infuse it with energy and power, and make it live and breathe again…

…but to do that, we need to talk

2018 can still be a massive win for you. 2018 can still be the year that you turned it all around.

Book a call and let us see how we can help.

P.S. If you’ve worked with other coaches, and did the work, but didn’t see the result, I want to talk to you. The truth is that either their strategy was nonsense, they were too busy or didn’t have the heart to support you like you needed. Either way, let’s put that behind you and get you back on track. You just have to book a call.

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