How, exactly, will you get what you want as a Coach from business and life?

This rant is inspired by a personal trainer that was just messaging me. At one point I got confused by her messages, and it made me realise that clarity is behind EVERYTHING that we ask for. (Ask who exactly, I don’t know, let’s for a moment pretend you are asking your inner strength or ‘the universe’, or God, depending upon what you believe.)

This goes for all of us, me included.
HOW is it even possible that we will ever get what I want, if we don’t ask for it?

Especially when most of us don’t actually even know what we want (or even try choosing for a moment) – or we are afraid of the enormity of what is that we want? So we don’t even try asking..

If this is you – then take inspiration from this post.

I get that we’re women and we change our minds – after all it’s our prerogative isn’t it? By the way we are all allowed to change our minds! For some of us though, not truly knowing what it is that we desire can be paralyzing. But if you don’t at least just ask for something – trust me, you’re not ever going to get there.

This vital first step is usually what scares people the most. Some of us are truly intimidated by even the possibility of our own success, which can be a deterrent in pushing ourselves beyond the limits of our comfort zone zones and into the wilderness of true success and happiness.


I’ll let you in on a not so secret, secret. It’s never really knowing about how to get what you want, it’s absolutely about first asking for what you want and then taking inspired action, one small step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with how the results will come about – trust me they will. The right people and the right conversations will start moving toward you so you can realize your goal.

So hit me up – where do you feel inspired and what is that you want to create?
The girls I work with KNOW there is something more but usually aren’t quite sure exactly HOW TO EXECUTE IT. Does this sound like you? Are you great at your craft but just aren’t sure how to turn it into income? Or what the next step is to take to grow your business?

Remember that if you’re asking for lots of money, you can always give it away if you don’t know where to put it, or what to spend it on. BUT FIRST CHOOSE HOW MUCH YOU WANT and be open to receiving to actually GET IT.

So – what is it that you want !?!?

Let me know in the comments below..

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