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Where are all the good Personal Trainers??
I’ll tell you, it’s where I was for the first 15 years of my career. They are training PEOPLE… and getting great results!

And not marketing most likely.
Well that gets to change.
Lets reach more people in 2018 guys.

Its not fair that only the tech savvy and ‘marketing guru type’ get all the clients!

Theres ssoooooo much smoke and mirrors online and it GETS TO STOP. Get out there with the competition BEFORE it’s too late. I promise it’s not hard, it’s just a few minutes every few days and it changes your life and business for the better!

Since being on social I personally haven’t had a cold call for a decade.

So stop putting it off.

Download my free 2018 marketing schedule to use for face to face and online;

Enrolments open again soon for my 90 Day Female Fit Pro Influence Course, simply message me on >> here for more info. This is for you if you have more than 12 months experience as a personal trainer, have your own studio or work in a gym and you want to triple your business.

Here’s to absolutely KICKING butt in 2018!

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