At the time of writing this Jan 2021 there is a free program in the link contained below, this will not always be the case.


I saw a question in a Facebook group asked about effect exercises… and I wanted to share this with you.
At the moment one of the coaches I help, has a free strength training program that you can have by seeing this page over here >> Athletist


Keith, the coach at Athletist, has worked with some of the greatest coaches in the world. Our industry knows one of these as the late Mr Charles Poliquin.


Plus Keith Alpert has 35 yrs experience working with the human body and too many quals to his name, to mention.


Once you get the program Keith created you’ll also get videos that go with the program, in his free Facebook group.


Plus in the comments is also the cardio program I had been using to give to clients wanting ANYTHING cardio-related… for the last decade!


Thinking it was actually written by Charles Poliquin, but in fact – Keith was the author.


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