Are you a Personal Trainer feeling tired, uninspired and like you are going nowhere fast? Here’s how to fix that, with several easy to implement income generating ideas.

Are you feeling bored, tired, uninspired and losing cash? But you can actually get clients great results, so it doesn’t feel like it adds up?

If being a personal trainer feels like it has drained you of life and not only are your cash reserves low to NON-EXISTENT, but you are fast running out of passion, you are getting sick of the cancellations, the lack of stability and are feeling challenged by the entire ‘online’ space – then you need to watch this video.

Here I discuss several ideas – which once you implement them (around whatever topic most lights the fire underneath your arse), it could create an extra; $74,800/yr in revenue.

These ideas DO NOT require you to ‘go online’, double your hours away from your loved ones or get 100 new clients.


Here’s what it is about, from a financial perspective;

There are many financial opportunities I see Coaches missing out on every day – simply because they do not offer more than 1 service. This not only shows up as boredom but it leads to HUGE CASHFLOW ISSUES!

Here I discuss the impact of what is possible for your bottom line;

  1. Going from 1:1 to groups and the maths to go from $30k annually to $60k annually.
  2. Seminars and workshops, 20 people come paying $20/each = $400 for an hour’s work. Done monthly thats $4800 per YEAR!
  3. The 8-12 week challenges with very low enrolment numbers, which can generate $10,000. When run only 4 times per year = $40,000.

If you implemented these things into your business it actually totals; 30000+4800+40000 = $74,800/year.

And that is WITHOUT STAFF!!! imagine what would be possible if there were more of you doing it (eg, with contractors) and you were doing this on subjects that you loved!

This is the tip of the iceberg guys! If you found that interesting then you will love this;

If you are an experienced Female fitpro and you just ‘KNOW’ there’s more to this career than counting to ten for years and years (or asking your clients for referrals to grow your business… omg really? Let’s get original please)… If you would like to see more of the shifts that it takes to create these changes in your business. I have created a short, free online class covering these subjects in more detail.

Click the link to watch; it will be the best 35 minutes you have spent on your business in a long time!

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