Coach – Do you know you need to make content but you;
🤍Hate feeling ‘braggy’
🧡Dislike or just don’t ever make videos
💛don’t have time to get it right…
💚don’t have enough hours in the day to ‘do it all’.
Limited spaces available for this project, where after I interview you my team and I cut it into a thousand pieces (ok maybe a few less), and we put it across all your platforms for you over the first half of the year in 2021…
Most importantly – it’s done with the right message ON VIDEO!!! <<< ‘right’ being ‘your unique genius’ attached within…
Real, connective, video works better than any amount of exercise, inspirational or recipe tip content that you can post.
Why because it will mean something to your potential clients and if you don’t get traction from online, then standing out to the few that matter & that need you, is perhaps what’s needed?
(I know this as I started tracking my post baby weight loss journey with video, back in 2010 and I then shared it with soon to be clients online,
with private you tube videos,
they signed up credit card in hand – because they felt like they knew me before they started training!!)
This is a short, first come first served project.
Lock in one of the places left for Jan for this now.
Let me extract your marketing message for you & help you launch anything and everything you’d like for next year.
Message me regarding this. Various options with added in coaching available.
What it assures is new clients and new sales will be made ‘easy’ and much more effortlessly
Email me for more details on