Video text transcription;
“My name is Nikki, and I have been working for the last four to five months with Kate Martin. Kate has done so much for me with my business and also my mentality towards my business.
I’d say the top things that I have taken from working with Kate are an improvement in my mindset, improvement in the way that I view my business, how I view income coming into my business, and my business developing!  Also a balance towards what it is that I wanted to be receiving in my business and how to actually make achievable steps towards achieving those things.

She’s also been amazing in terms of growing my business.

When I started working with Kate, I had a rather low income, and I can safely say that it has quadrupled if we’re going by a per month revenue basis.

She’s given me a whole bunch of ideas to improve my business and to grow my business in ways that I wouldn’t have thought before. This has been super beneficial in terms of helping me to realize what I can actually provide to my clients, which is to provide much more than exercise, even though being a Personal Trainer is at the core of what I do. The exercise is actually only one small component of the
business and the service that I offer my clients.

It has been really amazing for me to invest in working with Kate. It was 100% well worth the investment. I have easily gotten triple or quadruple that back, in terms of everything that I have created.  And how I have pushed my business forward to further success and creating the life that I actually want with my business. So the business is no longer running me, I am running my business.”

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