Knowledge Bombs and Actionable Exclusive Info to Help you Get More Clients NOW!!

I really appreciate the fact that you are reading this, so I want to share with you some of my material (Some of which is usually reserved for my paying clients).I also appreciate that you are probably time poor so I'll keep this short and sweet and action-able too.. is that even a word?? Oh [...]

How much should you ‘Give Away’ for free?

I understand that most personal trainers are confused about how much to give away for free, when one minute they are told to 'give lots' and the next being told to 'not give your time away' for free.So to answer the question - How much should you give away?Lots. But..I'm not talking about giving your time away [...]

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Networking – as ‘unsexy’ as it is.. Here’s Why and How to do it

Let's just say if you aren't networking with other professionals, then you'd better be really good at other facets of marketing for your business (like writing/blogging/seminars/marketing) to reach people. Why? Simply so they (your potential new clients) learn about you and understand that you can help them. There are several ways to grow your [...]

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