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I occasionally scroll social media like you guys do, and I’m constantly seeing pictures of exercise and food and exercise and food and exercise and food. This is for you if you post lots of pictures of exercise and food, and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any traction and growth in your personal training business. In other words, in is not equating to MORE clients, like you would like it to.

I’m not saying that you need to do the flip side of that, which is for you to be all out there vulnerable and either post pictures of your butt or yourself in a bikini. I’m not saying that that’s wrong either, if you have actually done a bikini competition because I know that there are things that you guys do anyway because it’s actually glute shot, not a butt shot. What I am saying is that if you’re finding that you’re not actually getting any traction from social media, it’s probably because you were posting either pictures of exercises or videos of your clients doing exercises.

The technical coach in me says, “please, don’t do that”. Actually, spot the person doing squats rather than posting a video of them doing squats. If you were posting pictures of that stuff and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any traction, I’ll tell you why you’re not getting any traction and I’m just being honest.

It’s because it’s boring. Your clients and everybody all over social media have actually seen that stuff for years, and it’s boring.

It used to be interesting.
It used to be engaging and it used to be new.

It used to be that you could just post that you were having a 12-week challenge and all of a sudden you get a hundred clients sign up.

It doesn’t work that way anymore and if you’re doing that, you’re behind. You know it, as your results tell you. (Or lack of, if I’m honest.) It used to be me too..

So, here’s what to do instead.

Don’t be too over vulnerable.

  1. The first point is actually just be yourself, but you do need to learn to connect with the clients’ emotions of what they’re feeling.
  2. Learn to communicate how you are going to solve the clients’ problems and what the feelings are that you are going to solve instead of the actual logical problem.

There you go. I just gave you about $5,000 worth of marketing material right there, that’s what it probably cost me.

What you need to do is actually stop posting pictures of exercise and of food because it’s boring. Okay, it’s great and people need to see it, but it better not be the majority of the things that you post because that is why you’re not getting any traction.

It’s a real shame that there are so many awesome coaches out there that are actually just doing that and wondering why. They’re beating their head against the wall because they’re actually not getting anywhere. “How do I use this social media thing? It’s not working. There’s no point to it.” It’s very tiresome because you probably post all of those pictures that I just mentioned in a thousand different places.

If you actually want to learn how to nail your niche and attract the right people, please send me a message. If I’ve got time for you in the next couple of weeks, I will have a chat with you, obligation free, and who knows, your business could be triple the size that it is in the next six months, literally just because you learned how to put a few key pieces of content out specifically for your market.

Unlike a lot of people in this space, and rather than you being just like everyone else… All doing the same thing.

I don’t believe that it is necessarily all about you taking up space on social media (nor do many female coaches who run families have the TIME to do that).
I’m squinting my face a lot because I’m so passionate about this. There are so many good coaches out there that just don’t know how to market, and when they do have a go, they just throw shit everywhere online and nothing works.

It really is time to get authentic and genuine, but you don’t have to do it with booty shots or boobie shots or wasting your time.

That’s actually today’s rant. Feel free to hit me up. Just know that there are definitely ways for you to connect with people and to get them messaging you. You’re continually building a community and people need to get the “know, like and trust” factor.

I don’t know what your pages look like, but if you look at your own content and more than 50% of it is just exercise and nutrition stuff, then your engagement and your inquiry rate could be double without spending any money on ads, just by changing what you are talking about in your content. It’s actually that critical and it’s an absolute lifesaver.

This was me 10 or 15 years ago. I didn’t know what I was doing either, so I used to just post lots of pictures of exercises but it was actually interesting back then. Social media was kind of a little bit new but it doesn’t work now, so we’ve just got to literally go with the trends of what’s going on. Go and make some meaningful content.

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