You are pretty sure when you left your high paying job that you weren’t expecting to feel like this

You are pretty sure when you left your high paying job that you weren’t expecting to feel like this.

This is almost like a slap in the face. Internally you know it’s becoming a test of character and a definite test of your ‘will’ to succeed at working for yourself.

Ok so the early morning starts aren’t ideal but you are willing to do it.

In fact you are fine with the daily ‘before the sun comes up’ new morning ritual, as the payoff is that you get to be your own boss… which, sometimes, is great.

You knew that it meant no more holiday pay when you chose this new career in fitness,

(and by now you are thinking – probably no more holidays EVER if things keep going the way they are going, let alone ‘holiday pay’).

You are pretty sure there was no where in the text that referred to the insecurities and confusion you would feel after so long in the game and regardless of the level of income you have reached.

It is almost as if there is an invisible ceiling on your income. An invisible object just slightly and uncomfortably blocking the road to success, that you cannot see how to smash through.

And if things keep going the way they are then not only will you NOT be having any more holidays, but as far as your goal of ‘more than contributing’ to the family income??.. well that will just have to be put on the back-burner.
And how do you ever plan on having anyone take you seriously. Not your old workmates, not your relatives and definitely not your partner.

Then the shame and massive self doubt kicks in.
But then you KICK IT right back out!

For a moment..

You are going to make this work if it’s the last thing you do!
You run and push harder than ever, you don’t see anyone, socially, or come up for air for weeks which leads to months …


only to be back where you started months ago and really,
no further along income or impact wise
and not much to show at all apart from a few battle scars,
that you tried your hardest.

Your hardest at ‘what’ exactly, you aren’t sure…

No where in the book did it warn you of how insecure choosing to work for yourself and care so much for others could leave you feeling. When the fact was, that there was ‘supposedly’ so much freedom on offer in the career choice of ‘fitness’.

By now you realise that that ‘freedom of choice’ actually translates mostly to


and you are left feeling like you are going in circles… especially after your little ebook or course didn’t quite take off the way you envisaged. And it took far more than a ‘little’ amount of effort to produce it, not to mention it feels like pushing **** up hill to produce such things…
(another story entirely, as you are such a great face to face person, that “omg the computer/tech stuff!”)


So whenever enough is enough, as your personal training business coach, let me know.
Because I know how this feels and I know how fast you can turn it around if you want to and you have the goods to be able to deliver amazing results to your clients.

If this sounds like you,
send an email to me as your business coach and let’s talk.
There’s no need to feel like you must go solo and spin in circles, unappreciated for one more day.

What I do know, for sure is that you can have clarity, while having your worthwhile cause and earn thousands more than what you currently are.
It is simply waiting for you to stop tolerating any less.

Email me here now and tell your personal training business coach what’s happening in your business if you’d like to change things around yesterday!

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