What to outsource? All but your greatest money-making tasks. Until you are making enough profit focus ONLY on the tasks that make money.

PS. Tasks that make money are servicing clients well and bringing more in/creating services & marketing them.

Anything and everything else is not an income-generating task.

PPS. If you ever hire someone to help you, OR the ‘way’ to know if what you are doing is working is that within weeks, IT WORKS! << aka. it generates revenue.

Funny that, but this is actually how to tell if what you are doing is working, so if you are either
  1. Implementing something based on someones advice and it’s not working by making you sales or you are
  2. Sitting back while you have hired people to help you ‘grow’ the business or gain inquiries (a marketing agency for example), and this is not working within a few weeks. Then you have a problem.

If it’s your business, speak up and run the show.

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