(This clip has been taken from a longer video training from the membership group)

Plus, of course, the practical tips to make yourself do the thing…

As getting traction becomes easy when you use momentum and I believe there are ways to get results in your business when it comes to creating content and programs, that are soooo easy, that it literally inspires you to do more.

(Why? simply because you get results!)

Then you realise there was literally nothing but yourself in the way.

Q; If you have a burning desire to do more and help more, then what;
  • Stands in your way from creating new things? Honestly.
  • From putting yourself out there?
  • or from launching anything as a coach?

Whether it’s to a new niche, or simply a new program for current clients, it’s always us in our own way.

So in today’s live training, we discussed some of the ways to overcome whatever is standing in your way, along with very practical tips on executing and ‘doing the thing’ because that is one of the biggest cures, that I believe helps you get over the fear..

is ‘doing’ these small things that get results.

Taken from my monthly membership ‘Next Level Coaches’.

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