It’s B.S that you need one niche or target market to succeed!! Experienced coaches will often have multiple niches and target markets and skills to help MANY TYPES OF PEOPLE.
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So why do marketing ‘experts’ tell you to focus on one niche, and to master that? (Because this is for BEGINNERS, that’s why…)
But this ‘marketing technique’ doesn’t need to be followed for the experienced coach.

Experienced coaches can have as many ‘target markets’ as they bloody-well want and they usually do!

In the past I’ve personally had niches, varying from
– PCOS to menopausal women,
– long distance runners to people wanting to reduce their cholesterol medication,
– those trying to gain glute muscles to those wanting to reduce fat around their waist. (Ok, so that last one is frequently women).

Your talents as a coach run deep when you are experienced, so let’s not get confused by thinking you need to start at the ‘beginning’, like learning your ABC’s when it comes to your marketing.


If you have tried “marketing” in the past and it hasn’t worked and this entire ‘niche – capiche’ frustrates you, I GET IT!
(that’s a made-up word by the way)

My point is, most of the online business world and ‘marketing guru’s’ as lovely as they are, don’t actually understand how a personal trainer or body coach’s ‘skill-set’ works.

They often don’t understand how deep it goes.
How much we know about the clients problems, the root causes and how to solve them, or who to refer to, or how many countless hours we have spent trying to find solutions for clients.
And then learning how to communicate the best way for the client to implement changes…
phew, that was a mouthful, but you get my point right?!

Well, how could they possibly understand, unless they
– are a coach
– they have been trained by one for any length of time or
– they live with one…

Anyway if you don’t feel like starting ‘marketing basics 101′ and are an experienced coach, feel free to simply reply to email me (link ’email me’ to contact page) and tell me what’s going on. It’d be my pleasure to tell you what key things you might be missing… It’s my personal goal to help coaches who are freaking experts in their field, to master this online thing. It ain’t rocket science, but it means the difference between life being enjoyable because you have ‘options’ and business working the way you want, vs it not.

Your marketing is something you need to get ‘a hold of’ and no it does not work well to outsource it until you understand how to do it yourself. Or you choose to pay upwards of $50,000-$100,000 for a good ‘copywriter’. Learning these fundamentals can and will change your business and your life…  But when I say the ‘fundamentals’ I do not mean starting with one niche, let’s be clear. You already know your ABC’s.  Simply contact me here, or send me an email on if you have q’s about what you personally would need to implement to get your business to change the trajectory it’s currently on.