Marketing Magic and Online High-End Packages – The ‘how-to’ and the why it’s needed in many coaches businesses.
A deep dive further into this information in this online class with Wellnessliving and Kate Martin, the business coach for personal trainers.
The material in this online class is applicable for any experienced coach who runs one to one or group sessions. In their own studio or someone else’s. It will be most beneficial to coaches who want to get better at their marketing game.
Great marketing makes sales 100 times easier…
And for the experienced coach who wants to know how to capitalise on their genius and skillset with clients that they have accumulated over the years.
We will identify where the gaps are in your business and I will show you how to fill them and give you examples of products, packages and ideas to take your income to the ‘next level’ without you needing to bring on many more clients.
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