Make Your PT Business a Success, Rather Than Just a Hobby

How are you going to make your PT Business MORE THAN WORK?

Do you sometimes feel if you just had more clients and income you could ‘really make this work’?
What you really have is lack of the ‘knowing how’ (so a lack of resources and knowledge) to make this thing grow without simply ‘doing more of the same’.
And a lack of income generating systems (and NO I’m not talking about online funnels).
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I know what you’re feeling right now is confusion and lack of support and clarity…

What’s scary is that potentially, your family, your spouse, your friends, even people who aren’t close to you… are going to be right.
(Because they have already hinted their disapproval at you for your current career choice. They told you to get a real job. Simply because they care…)

And if they are right;
You’re going to think you never should have given this a try.
Who were you to think you could earn 6 figures annually as a trainer, and still have time to be a good mum? Or partner? Since you did start this to work flexible hours around your other obligations… but it doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to be possible.
How could you have ever thought it possible that you could design a lifestyle where you don’t have to get up at 430am every day? Or unless it’s BY CHOICE.
Is it even possible?

Who were you to think you could service clients and packages created ‘by you’ – not just the cookie cutter version and for well above the $1000 mark?
Who were you to think that you could impact hundreds, even thousands of lives? That you could help those waiting for you, because you have a story, a skill set, and hundreds of transformations under your belt?
And we all know, to your clients, their transformations are priceless.

If you think about it, how are you going to feel when ‘they’ are right? If you don’t ‘make it’ work..

You know how you will feel. You’re going to feel slightly humiliated. You’re going to have to shut the doors of your business, call it a day, and go back to a 9-5 job. Done.

So what do you do? Do you give up?!
You need to make this work.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You tell yourself this, there must be… as people have done it before, so there must be a way. A systemised way. A way you can have more clients and more income, WITHOUT DOING MORE HOURS.

In fact, if you’re an experienced trainer, as a personal training business coach, I’m here to tell you you don’t even need MORE clients. All you need is to know how to package your services (and yourself) so you HELP your clients differently.

Now if this sounds like you and you’re simply great at what you do, you’re great at keeping clients and you know how to get people AMAZING results.

If this is you – I want to work with you as a business coach.
Why? Simply because there are so many opportunities that you’re leaving on the table.
I’m talking 6 figures a year. WITHOUT MORE HOURS. While still doing the parts of your job that you enjoy.
I’m talking about outsourcing the less fun parts of your responsibilities like hiring a cleaner for the house, as my clients end up doing.

I’m talking REALLY contributing to your family, and not just on the level of having a ‘business’ that is more of a hobby. Nu-ah. I want you to be able to pay the kid’s private tuition fees if you so choose, like my clients end up being able to do. I want you to make more money than your partner (hehe)… like some of my clients end up doing.

That is completely possible.

What would that mean for you?

Imagine this – holidays throughout the year… And no massive drop in income when you go on the holidays, because there’s systems in place to stop that from happening.

PLUS imagine you don’t rely, EVER on ONE type of income from your business like you currently do now (the turning up for sessions part. That simply isn’t the smartest way to do things. As a business coach, I call it putting all your eggs into one basket).

All of this is available when you learn how. And all WITHOUT making yourself busier.

What I also know is that on the way to your ideal work/life balance and INCOME there are people who can support you. Sometimes they aren’t the ones you would LIKE to support you (like your partner or family members)… but still, they are there.

Eventually those you WANT to be proud of you, will be. Trust me.

That’s what a good business coach or Mentor is there for. So you don’t have to make every decision by yourself.
The income and time with your family is a-waiting.

Simply send me an email with your details about what’s not working in business for you now and we will talk.

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