‘I just can’t close people’ – Do you suck at sales

“I just can’t close people,” Said a girlfriend of mine today, as she has been selling people into her new coaching services, and she asked for my help.

She currently works in corporate and was asking me for tips on selling herself. By the way – she is epic at helping people get results, even though she’s new at this version of it, and even though to her, sales feels icky.

There’s simple things to DO and also important things to NOT do, during the process of ‘bringing someone on-board’ (selling), let’s call it.

I promise, it has NOTHING to do with OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS or CLOSING people.
That feels yuck and like you are going into battle right? (hint it’s just because up until now we have had mostly male sales teachers.)

Men and women do it differently.
Derrrr, like most things.

Men seem to go into battle, women, on the other hand, allow the energy to flow and the person to come into their space… (IF the person is the right).

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