Client story – If you are a busy mum and a coach this will help; Samantha is an experienced coach and a busy mother who had tried MANY coaching methods, some rather unsuccessful when we met. She was busy between her outdoor group sessions, being a mother, a wife and her own training for Spartan racing, from a small town when we met. Hear how she transformed her face to face ‘many people in a class’ business to what it is today. With various online programs and winning multiple awards and creating amazing opportunities of working with Spartan Racing Co. (All done during the pandemic, while she became the main breadwinner in her family.)

Fast forward several months she has created;

  • Multiple streams of income, many now online.
  • Opportunities galore, coming through from some of the biggest names in the fitness industry.
  • “More Joy from the business and making much more $$$ than I was this time last year!”

All done while being a mother.

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