I was checking on some ‘locked down’ past clients today. (My clients become family, as I’m sure you know what I mean if you are a coach?)

Here are some simple truths that I was reminded about.

  • Zoom sessions only go so far. You need to create and sell information. It’s what really changes lives, including your own
  • Marketing can be done that’s helpful instead of slimy, nor does one need to pay money for ads. Simply focus on helping people
  • Online works and you need a component of it in your business to survive these days. I promise you really can do it while being a great coach & knowing nothing about ‘tech’
  • There really is no competition. No need to worry about ‘influencers’ with thousands of followers. It means zero when it comes to the money in someones account. Or their ability to actually help individuals (which we know right 😉)

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