Ahhh, we were almost back to normal life but then…

  • But then the Government changed its mind about restrictions (in the state I live)…
  • But then the ‘other’ people, weren’t ‘behaving’ appropriately so now we all suffer…
  • Then I can’t do what I want to do and it’s not my fault.
    But then, but then, but then…

99% of the time our ‘buts’ are absolute bullshit.

Regardless of the external environment, it’s still 100% OUR HUMAN CHOICE as to how we react. (Conscious choice is what we have over the other mammals…).

Our excuses and reasons as to why we cannot have the thing, are soooo tightly held onto, by us that it keeps it in our current ‘visible’ reality.

What if our eyes don’t see even a 1/10 of what is going on.
And that much of the time we can’t even concept 1/100 of what IS possible.

What if all we needed to do was to be ‘open’ to other ways?

No, no, no, that can’t be possible right?

I know I’m preaching to the converted here.

& I like to have the odd tantrum about XXX too… But it’s more than unproductive when it comes to helping me feel how I WANT to feel.

This, like all things, can be a test.
It can be overcome.

It’s our choice how quickly we do that.
THAT is always within our control.

Not much else is… that’s an illusion.

Now get to work on creating what it is you want.

Want to triple your business regardless of the circumstances? While having it feel a little less like pushing stuff up-hill??
Check here to see if there’s a time available in your timezone & book a call with me. You might, maybe, ok you will definitely (if you are an experienced coach) see how your business could quadruple like many of my client’s businesses have over this ‘weird-arse’ period.

If you take action on what I tell you that is. Let’s be honest, that’s another story altogether.
Feeling brave? 😉