Interview with Victoria Gibson Online Marketing and Business Guru and one of my mentors!

Just a few conversations with her years ago helped me to grow my online business to where it is today.

Meet online business coach and marketing expert Victoria Gibson (from Victoria Gibson)

Being taught by Victoria meant I went rapidly from 1:1 coaching to online group coaching, surprisingly meaning better results for clients than 1:1. For the part of my business that was just coaching other trainers with their business.

Plus her genius has helped 1000’s with everything from webinars to Facebook ads.

I picked her brain for you on the following topics;

  • Creating and selling online courses
  • Masterminds (VIP)& live courses and all things in between.
  • What are her core principles she follows and lives by to still be thriving in the online business space.
  • How she does it all as a single mother.

Here is the timestamp of the interview;

  • 8.50 Introduction, how I met Vic and why we are doing this.
  • 10.53 What Victoria does, and what drives her. What she offers her clients.
  • 17.00 What does ‘Mastermind’ mean. How to make an online dream a reality.
  • 21.53 The difference in results, video’s versus PDF’s. The underlying beliefs that stop people from completing a course.
  • 26.35 Taking responsibility to change your mindset and the discipline to do the work.
  • 32 min. Why you need to be devoted, consistent and love your business.
  • 34 min. Core principles Victoria pass’s on.
  • 40 min. Mindset hacks and core strategies.
  • 48 min. The benefits of organic leads v’s launches.
  • 55 min. What people should look for in an online coach.


Victoria’s Facebook group: Connect and Convert.

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