Coach here’s what really matters to successfully raise your income..

Coach here’s what really matters to successfully raise your income…

Ever feel overwhelmed with ‘all’ that needs to be ‘done’? All the tech, all the marketing, all the ‘strategies’…
Leaving you feeling contracted, dry, now knowing enough and forgetting the reason you became a coach in the first place! (Because you love helping people).
In reality, success in the online game as a coach has got nothing to do with funnels, or sales pages or tech. It’s also got nothing do with feeling like you are giving too much away for free. I wish I could find and shoot the person who started that load of b.s.

The link to the 30 Day course (1-in-a-Gazillion), to stand out online is here.

Other links of content I think you will love are here;

A 2 min video about other various priced products and packages you can and need to offer your clients.

A client success video of a very experienced coach finally capitlising on her genius and now makes a much larger income.

PS. I have to mention that every single coach I work with is in a unique situation with a unique skill set and they get treated accordingly. Meaning the ‘path’ to success looks different for every single one.
(Just like you treat your clients, right? As individuals.)

If you’d like to capitalise on your experience and skill set as a coach, are tired of being capped out with time and having all your eggs in one basket, or feeling like ‘the list or curriculum’ ain’t working for you…

and you’d like to know how to easily tap into your genius, feel free to email me on and tell me what’s not working.

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