Alex Gil on her losing her business during the pandemic – Interview with Kate Martin

Discussing all things 'being driven', 'losing everything' & 'changing' right now, from 2020 and beyond. In this interview with fellow health coach Alex Gil from Vitalé Studio - Movement, Nutrition & Lifestyle. We talk all things about her growth during this time and how she now helps clients; hope for right now   taking [...]

Talking all things – ‘Launching new projects’ and ‘eliminating the fear to do so with ease’, literally dissolving the fear of what stands in your way.

(This clip has been taken from a longer video training from the membership group) Plus, of course, the practical tips to make yourself do the thing... As getting traction becomes easy when you use momentum and I believe there are ways to get results in your business when it comes to creating content and [...]

What to outsource? All but your greatest money-making tasks.

What to outsource? All but your greatest money-making tasks. Until you are making enough profit focus ONLY on the tasks that make money. PS. Tasks that make money are servicing clients well and bringing more in/creating services & marketing them. Anything and everything else is not an income-generating task. PPS. If you ever hire [...]

Client Success Story Samantha – Fitpro Business Growth During C/vid

Client story - If you are a busy mum and a coach this will help; Samantha is an experienced coach and a busy mother who had tried MANY coaching methods, some rather unsuccessful when we met. She was busy between her outdoor group sessions, being a mother, a wife and her own training for [...]

You know the feeling no doubt, you are ‘meant’ to be doing just one thing?

Whatever happened to being multi-passionate? Personally, I can't do just one thing (although I have tried over the years, when I forgot who I was). BTW my VIP mentoring course is OPEN. Message me on here for details. This is for experienced coaches to 'get time back' by learning how to market easily (without [...]

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Q – Who are the personal trainers that you use or recommend?

Q - who are the personal trainers that you use or recommend? And what is their location (not online). I’m often asked for great trainer recommendations either by old clients or trainers who need to refer on, in different locations and states around the country. So who do you personally recommend and why? (I’ve [...]

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Ways coaches and fitpro’s can grow their bottom line, plus other stories from 22 years as a coach

Coaches and fitpro’s here are some ways to grow your business bottom-line (both offline and online), purely working with your strengths... Plus foundational tips to grow your revenue as an experienced or a beginner coach. And I share many of my personal and business stories. (Including how I had multiple home loans approved from [...]

Coaching biz and life hacks in 5 min/day.

Coaching biz and life hacks in 5 min/day. Weekly discussions on all things escalating the fun from your coaching biz and life. WEEKLY on the biz page here. (Friday's 12pm AEST, Melb time zone) If you have any questions, email me at To book a call to see what your business and income potential [...]

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