Your kick up the butt! Go do the THING

This is your virtual kick up the butt.  Whatever you’re waiting to do; if it’s watching the thing online, if it’s doing the seminar, do the workshop, network with a person, go to the event, meet the people, move suburbs (because you’ll be okay) or open the gym. Whatever it is you need to do, you want to not die thinking, “what would have happened if I didn’t have a go?” Am I right? Guess what, you’re actually not ever going to be knighted, get a certificate or the parade in your honour to say that you’re ready to do the thing.

Nope. You actually have to choose to step up to do the thing.

I don’t even want to ruminate about what may be holding you back. You just need to do the thing. When you do the thing, you’ll realise there was actually nothing to be really scared about in the first place. You just need to do your thing.

So, here’s your virtual kick up the butt, or slap, whatever you want to call it. But just go do the thing, and stop thinking about reasons as to why you can’t do it, because there’s plenty of those, and we all have them; reasons, or excuses, or opinions.

Go do the thing, and have a productive week.

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