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Holiday Season Business Survival List - for coaches

For most coaches, any long holiday break means a huge dip in income, which can be stressful (to state the obvious).

What I am sharing with you here will literally mean this is a thing of the past!
It doesn't have to be doom and gloom, I've created this short list, after surviving 20 years in the industry and helping 100's of coaches do the same (in fact once implemented, it means more than 'surviving, it means 'thriving'!)

1. Program ideas of what to run to still make income over the Christmas period or any holiday period. For example - online short programs (think accountability) for clients who would otherwise ‘pause’ their training etc.

2. Video explanations of how to sell things (your programs and services) - well into the new year, and how to make the income from it NOW.

3. Gift voucher ideas for what to ‘gift’ your clients, so they not only use other services you provide but they are also excited to give out your gift vouchers to those they know. (And how to do it without giving away lots of free sessions that will hurt your bank account).

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“I’ve taken every word of Kate’s on board. Working on my mindset and my business has been challenging to say the least but in doing so I have managed to increase my Pt sessions by much more than double in just 4 weeks.  In the last 2 weeks alone, I have made $18,000 in sales. Upfront Payments!  To say that I am happy with Kate Martin’s Female Fit Pro Influence Formula 90 day course is an understatement.”   – Michelle Z – Perth

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