Working with Kate as your health coach

Kate will work with you to assist you in creating the body you’ve always wanted. Holistically, faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible.

Working with Kate means that there will be no stone left unturned when it comes to your health. >> Click here to contact Kate.

She does this through using her many years experience, person weight loss experience and a set of personal ethics in coaching which means if she takes you on she WILL help change your life. She surrounds herself with professionals so if she cannot help you in just 2 sessions she will find someone who can.

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Want to know all the health hacks I’ve used with myself and clients over the years to get them the fastest results possible (no calorie counting)?? Plus all the mindset tricks I’ve personally used to lose 30+ Kilo’s.
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Work With Kate!


Suzanne overcame a huge, long term health issue after changing a few simple things and being coached by Kate and her staff.

Carol lost 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks. She now feels amazing and that’s influencing her family life and her friends. Plus she has learnt how to train herself, forever.

Zoe came to Kate with a very bad, ongoing back injury. Several months later she is ‘miraculously’ almost 100% better and has learned how to ‘treat’ and fix her back with now only infrequent visits to her therapists.

Esther has found her ‘inner strength’ after working with Kate for an intense 7 day program.

Nicole has transformed her life after working with Kate for an intense 7 day program.

Shabnam M.D. Reduced her dress size after working with Kate for only several weeks, this after spending years in the gym trying to do this herself.