How To Speed Up Your Journey To Success

We all want to succeed in some way. Success looks different to everyone – for some it’s making a certain amount of money, others might want to make a specific impact on their world. But no matter what your version of success is, you want to achieve it as quickly as possible, and with less [...]

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Free Seminar on Sales Aug 22nd 2018

  This free event is a part of the Geelong Small Business Festival BREAKING THE BRO CODE  - How To Excel in Sales as a Female -  presented by Kate Martin Do you want to learn how to sell? Do you want to learn how to ethically increase your sales income without increasing your hours? [...]

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4 Simple Sales Tips

4 things you need to NOT DO to sell your services. Why your clients don't buy from you and what you can do to fix it. If you are sick of now knowing 'how to sell' or feeling slimy, book a call now to speak with your personal training business coach, Kate; [...]

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Why Giving out Pamphlets & Letterbox Dropping Doesn’t Work For PT’s and Coaches – And What To Do Instead

Have you tried giving your business card out everywhere? Have you dropped pamphlets at the local shops and businesses, or handed out your information at a networking event? Letterbox drops and similar methods won’t work for most people 99% of the time. But people can still spend thousands of dollars on the [...]

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Client Case Study – Rachel Burge

Hear how Rachel went from being busy and comfortable to constantly growing (without ever being too busy) and creating a HUGE passion project as well as increasing her income with my help as her business coach. If you would like to catapult your business to a better place and you are sick [...]

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