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4 Simple Sales Tips

4 things you need to NOT DO to sell your services. Why your clients don't buy from you and what you can do to fix it. If you are sick of now knowing 'how to sell' or feeling slimy, book a call to speak to Kate now; [...]

How did 3 of my girls get into the media?

One on Channel 7 and two others in the local newspapers, WITHOUT trying I might add… Here’s some of what they did. Individually they all have their own story. What they all had in common for the past several years before I met them, is they were slogging it out in the [...]

Client Case Study – Aimee The Chiropractor and Personal Trainer

Meet Aimee the Chiropractor and Personal Trainer. She had a busy business and wasn't sure how to launch the PT side without using funnels and online sales - well, she did all of that and more. Her Chiro clinic also got busier - and she now has more time! How is that [...]

Client Case Study – Rachel Burge

Hear how Rachel went from being busy and comfortable to constantly growing (without ever being too busy) and creating a HUGE passion project as well as increasing her income. If you would like to catapult your business to a better place and you are sick of feeling stuck not knowing what to [...]

I had a terrible experience in this PT studio

I had a terrible experience in this gym! This is EXACTLY HOW TO KILL A SALE! Please make sure you are NOT doing any of this to people who come to 'try your business out'... and instead implement the extra 1 step I explain here.. (8 min vid) Would you like to [...]

Are you a great Coach who sucks at ‘the business side’?

Take these few points onboard to triple your impact and income. For more details on the exact shifts you need to make for your business to be a success now... If you'd like to change the path of your business and see what IS potentially there for you, apply to speak to [...]

Talking to crickets online? How to triple business in 3 easy steps

Do you feel you 'get no traction online'? That you are constantly talking to crickets? Are you annoyed with online ads or confused about how and why to get them to work? What if you didn't need to bother creating an ad, yet you brought in 5-10 leads weekly? And you could [...]

What’s this Being in FLOW – B.S ? What if you are scared?

What is this 'BEING IN FLOW' B.S.? Are people just kidding themselves? Are they just scared...and using it as an excuse to NOT do the work required to uplevel? Let's discuss. Email me here now and tell me what’s happening in your business if you’d like to change things around yesterday! [...]

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