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“I’ve taken every word of Kate’s on board. Working on my mindset and my business has been challenging to say the least but in doing so I have managed to increase my Pt sessions by much more than double in just 4 weeks. In the last 2 weeks alone, I have made $18,000 in sales. Upfront Payments! To say that I am happy with Kate Martin’s Female Fit Pro Influence Formula 90 day course is an understatement.”

– Michelle Z – Perth

Megan went from earning $350-400 per week to selling $10,578 in packages within our first 3 weeks of working together!


How To Attract and Service Everyone

I just got off the phone with someone and after sharing this with her, she said 'Wow, just that one sentence really enlightened me!' [...]


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“My income has increased x 5! I picked Kate because she is direct, honest and will say it how it is. I really value that in a person. In a competitive industry you want to be ahead of your game and therefore be mentoring with the best. Someone who is credible, knowledgeable, has achieved success themselves and can pass on their blue print.

The difference between Kate and and my last mentors, is that she actually cares. A lot. And has taught me what really matters and what’s important for me to move my business forwards, fast!” – Jess H. Melbourne

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